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Black Small Bow

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Mini Melon signature, handmade girls small hair bow in black.

Our small bows are hand tied using carefully selected and beautifully textured fabrics so that each bow stands up perfectly.

The Mini Melon Black Small Bow is:

  • Available in three styles:
    • Small Bow - 4 inches wide
    • Piggies - 3 inches wide (comes in a set of two)
  • Flapless style (no flap)
  • Available in three fastener options - nude nylon, black nylon, or alligator clip
  • Made from a polyester and spandex blend fabric
  • Made in the USA

*Do not leave babies or young children unattended while wearing any of our products. All items should be worn with adult supervision.

Ships from Columbus, GA to anywhere in the world.

Flat rate USPS shipping, as well as UPS options.

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