Bell Bottoms

Happily Ella After is all about bold fashion - because if anyone can get away with ruffles and gigantic bows, it's the adorable babies. Never has this been more evident than with the bell-bottom pants style that we love so much.

Dating back to the early 19th century, bell bottoms first hit the scene as an unorthodox pant style used by sailors on certain US Navy ships. I guess they wanted to feel cute while out at sea with the boys - so the bell-bottomed pants were born!

Bell bottoms soared in popularity beginning in the 1960s, mainly in the form of denim jeans. Shortened to "bells" or even sometimes referred to as loon pants (short for balloon pants), these bad boys were all the rage for both men and women. You could pair them perfectly with heels or boots, or more importantly, roller skates as a go-go dancer at the local disco.

By 1980 however, bell bottom pants were all but replaced by the might skinny jean and the bells were lost to history...

Until now! Bell bottom pants are making a comeback especially in the baby and children fashion world. Maybe our days as adults wearing these spacious pants are over, but they still look so darn cute on these baby girls.

Tell us how you feel about bells on babies. Are they as awesome as Star Wars and Jaws, or should they have been left in the 70s with tube socks and pet rocks?

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  • Patricia Harris

    Bells and Flutters! The perfect combination. Add a bow and…magnificent! Where were these when my babies were small? Thank God for Grandbabies!

  • Sheera

    I absolutely love the baby bells! Your quality is SUPERB! And dealing with a small family owned business is a huge plus in my book!

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