Commitment to Organic Materials

High-quality products start with high-quality materials. At Mini Melon, we are committed to sourcing the best organic fabrics and materials for our products.

Why Organic?

Because respecting the planet is our core value. Farmers practicing organic farming understand this, and are committed to the same values. Organic farming eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers to grow crops, reduces water usage, and humanely treats animals, to deliver a higher quality product.

In turn, these sustainably practices build-up the soil and strengthen the planet, rather than traditional commercial farming which depletes the soil and relies on man-made chemicals to sustain crop growth.

Organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and wool provide a strong, sustainable fabric that is free of all the chemicals.



Mini Melon - Organic Children's Clothing and Accessories

Our Values

We believe in a shared responsibility to our children and to the environment.


At Mini Melon, we believe the best fabrics for your baby and the best fabrics for the planet are one in the same: organically grown and free of toxic chemicals.

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Mini Melon is dedicated to an eco-friendly business model. To us that means delivering high quality, long lasting products in a carbon-neutral way.

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Fast Shipping

Being good for the environment doesn’t mean making you wait longer. We are committed to excellent quality and service every step of the way. Because we believe shopping ethically should enhance the customer experience - not detract from it.

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