Commitment to Sustainability

Mini Melon was born from our desire to create a brand we could feel good about. A brand that wasn’t driven by profit, but by a passion to create products that are simultaneously good for children and for the environment using the concept of slow fashion.

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion favors quality over quantity. It’s a business model that trades in profit for responsibility. While many businesses have no problem chasing profit at the expense of people, animals, and the environment, businesses that practice slow fashion believe in conducting business ethically so that there are no “losers” in the manufacturing and delivery process.

How does Mini Melon implement Slow Fashion?

We incorporate the principles of slow fashion in every stage of manufacturing:

1) We start by sourcing the highest quality, organic, and cruelty-free materials for our products. We used OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified fabrics to ensure all of our products are free of all harmful chemical and grown using organic techniques that respect farmers and the planet.

2) Delivering our products to your doorstep in a sustainable way. Shipping by land, sea, and air contributes to pollution and increased carbon emissions. So we offset all of our carbon-emissions through our carbon-neutral initiatives and donations.

3) Committing to packaging materials that are as sustainable as our products. Most plastic bags and packaging materials ends up in the landfill. So we designed Mini Melon packaging to be entirely compostable. Instead of synthetic plastic bags, we use bio-degradable cornstarch bags. Our compostable bags decompose in your compost bin or in a landfill within 4-6 months. A lot better  compared than the 500 years it takes for a standard plastic bag.

The end state: you can rest easy knowing your order was made, delivered, and thrown away (composted) without negatively impacting people or the planet.

Mini Melon - Organic Children's Clothing and Accessories

Our Values

We believe in a shared responsibility to our children and to the environment.


At Mini Melon, we believe the best fabrics for your baby and the best fabrics for the planet are one in the same: organically grown and free of toxic chemicals.

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Mini Melon is dedicated to an eco-friendly business model. To us that means delivering high quality, long lasting products in a carbon-neutral way.

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Fast Shipping

Being good for the environment doesn’t mean making you wait longer. We are committed to excellent quality and service every step of the way. Because we believe shopping ethically should enhance the customer experience - not detract from it.

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